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Find autohaus ahmed in berlin?

why do you need it to know ?
do you also still get mone! y?

Yes i lend him money, and so that's wy i'm looking for him.

I also getr a lot of money from him... Did he also give you fake gold??

To me the same. Bis God will send him to hell.

Looks like he has been around all Europe then...

He was right now in Arninge in Sweden. I was really stupid lending him money as well.

Today (2012 07 23) He was in Stockholm Area. I was on my way to Lidingo when he stopped me.
I suspected that the gold was fake, and I did not give him any money. He tried to speak german
to me, and his german was very poor. Yet he claimed he worked for years in Germany as a
car sales man. That did not make sense, so I drove on. However he is really good at playing the
desperate stranded person.

Yesterday (18.10.2012) I met him in Brno in the Czech Republic. I was going from work to home when suddenly a car stops beside me and he asked me for money. He told me He is driving to Germany and he needs Money for fuel and for food for his family, wich is in the car. He invited me to his car and we drove to the nearest ATM. Also I must say, that I am a Muslim, and in this car I saw a woman with Hijab but I dont saw her face. First in the car he said he wants 500 czk, later he said that he needs 1000 czk and finally at the ATM he beg that he needs 2000 czk. Everything seemd to be very truthfull and he also told me he is a Muslim. He said that he is from Turkey. Yeah he lookd like from Turkey so I beleived him. He wanted to gave me Gold but I told him that I dont want his Gold. I gave him the Money and my number so he will call me to met again and gave me the money back. Today I am locking in the Internet for the Internet site wich is written on the buisness card and I found this discussion. May God guide him the right path or punish him when it is Gods willing.

(11.01.13) Now guys he was in Republic of Moldova, absolutly the same story - money for gold. We haven't gave him much cash (30 euro), so we ain't sorry for that, though he beg us to give him 200-300 euro. He left us a fake gold ring. I see that this is his "business". Hope someday they will get caught on this and get what they deserve. Good luck!

Hello everyone! He is in Ukraine. Same story, fake ring! Let him burn in hell, we truthfully want to help, but from this time never againe!

(21.08.13) Ripped by this guy today too... Paris, France. Please report on my email if you ever find him. Fucker ! (a@greencavern.com)

(19.02.14) Waved me off the highway south of Reims, France. Gave him 25 e for a *gold* ring and business card. Destroyed my faith in humanity that guy. He had his whole family in the car.

(16.08.2014) Moscow. I made a photo of him:
Is it him? He gave me fake gold ring and chain. I didn't want to take them, but I really want to help him because he said that his friend died and his card was not working to buy fuel.

(24.09.2014) Highway just outside Krakow, Poland. The guy begged my fiancee for money for fuel. Also gave her a fake business card. She says he looked like a guy from the photos. Has anyone told it to police or anything?

(September 2014) This man was in Timisoara, Romania. Begged for money. Gave me 2 "gold" rings and 2 "gold" chains. I gave him 200e. I was at the police. They can't do anything. I hope I will meet him again. Same in bulgaria just now got as fast as i can i the police station but i dont think that anything will happen i wrote to bulgarian tv station but i will se the result maybe in two or three weeks lets hope someone get him and charge him so he can go to prison or something lets hopeeee.

Today, 06.29.2015 two men in a black Mercedes near Thessaloniki Greece begged me for money for fuel, because the ATMs are not working.They left 4 gold ring and two gold bracelets for 190 euros. Read the scriptures, I probably blown the money, but it can help someone.

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