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Which country has country code 0088?

Which country has the are code 0088
no country has that code, it's a fake code and do not call<back when u get a phone call from a number that starts with 0088.

i recieved an sms from this number 0088216900483 .
the comment was in persian (0088216900483 آیا شما می خواهید به ملاقات دوستان جدید؟ تماس ) .
and the meaning was this : (if you want new friends call back this number 0088216900483) .
its clear taht someone has translated it to persian by google translate .
but i didnt call back .
i found out that is not normal .
first i serched it on the net & i knew that is so expensive if you call it back .
be aware friends all over the world .
i live in iran in esfahan .

my email :electronic.artzz@gmail.com


Google Search also contributes even further