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Does my moped or penny-farthing need to be vetted?

The European approval for mopeds and snorfietsen in all countries of the European Union (EU), including in the Netherlands, compulsory. To leave approve of your moped or penny-farthing please contact an RDW-testing station near you.

When your moped or penny-farthing has been approved, the RDW it to the relevant authorities in the other EU member states. The approval applies automatically to all other EU member states. Manufacturers themselves do not for dissemination of typegoedkeuringsinformatie balance. The same is true the other way: The RDW receive information from other Member States for elsewhere in the EU approved vehicles.

Validity approvals
Homologacije which were issued before June 17, 1999 are still valid for up to four years for issuing registration certificates. Thus ends the validity of this type approvals on June 17, 2003. Since June 17, 2003 may not mopeds and more are sold (not before June 17, 1999 approved types) that do not meet the European requirements.

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