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How is radio?

A radio program is made by an editor and a person who the message over programme at gehoren. This happens in a studio (usually in Hilversum), in this studio are aparaten that the sound through the microphone into a signal about what the listeners at home can absorb and horen.De role of the editor is to ensure that content is dt and the program so somewhere is about. Without editors, it is not fun to listen to the nonsense of the DJ.Er are also channels which broadcast only images without editors and DJ, North Sea FM, Sky Radio and Arrow Classic Rock / Jazz, the idea here is that you have only but images and listening between reclame.Je have commercial stations (only) exist by reclameverkoop and public radio stations: 1-4 Country Radio 747AM and regional radio stations (such as RTV Utrecht) who all also seen a calamiteitenstaus country (the so-called rampenzender: think of RTV East during the firework in Enschede). The nationwide are gesubsidieed from taxpayers from the rich, regional channels from 2006 to be financed by the provinces. Local radio stations from the course gemeentekas financed advertising revenue. All radio moetezen abide by the media which is controlled by the commissioner of the media.

Google Search also contributes even further