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What does a Dermatologist

A dermatologist is a medical doctor who specializes in diseases of the skin. He usually worked in a hospital and has both adults and children as a patient. The derogation to watch and pay attention to issues such as shape, size and position can often huidarts soon have some idea of the possible diseases that are at stake. He will ask the patient about the duration, the course (is it become worse or not), itching and any factors that aggravate the skin. Often, the more research dermatologist with certainty eventually want to be able to make a diagnosis. By what weefselschraapsel of the skin disorder to be taken and under the microscope to investigate, he will get more information about the disease. In order to demonstrate allergies are sometimes also blood tests and / or a skin test.
In a dermatologist, for example, patients with rash, pukkeltjes and puisten who are referred by the GP. A relatively large proportion of his patients has a (allergic) eczema. In some cases, this disease so fierce, that the doctor patient treatment refers to the dermatologist. Moreover, the dermatologist the disposal of more extensive testing, for example, an allergy to demonstrate.

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