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What happens after the APK-testing?

If your vehicle is inspected, you will receive a test report, either because of an approval as a rejection of the vehicle. You have if you need to report the outcome of the appeal inspection want to go. The test report (at an approved car) to be taken during the use of the vehicle to you. The police can ask for it. Since March 1, 2000 must be the test not only repair and afkeurpunten be, but also adviespunten. These are found not already admitted to censure your vehicle lead but within the foreseeable future have to be replaced or repaired. The APK body, the vehicle which have been replaced for a APK-approval storage, until a sample is possible, and until you test report has been received. Deadline for reparatiesAls your car needs repairs to the APK is afgekeurd.U will get two months to your car repaired. During these months, you may not in the car driving. If the car repaired, it is still approved and signed out of RDW. Not agree with the outcome of the keuringAls you believe that your vehicle has been wrongly approved or disapproved, and you will be with the APK-body not, you can at the RDW a re applications.

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