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What is tom kaulitz msn adres?

they do not have personal MSN, yahoo, Aol, bebo, facebool, mysapce, yearbook, twitter, .. i can go on.. non of them are private so if a personal TOm kaulitz adds you.. hes fake. no matter that they say.. they are fake.

Tom said himself he has no idea how to use them.

Actually he has got mail and I use it to chat with Tom. I´m not gonna give it to someone ofcourse, but you can always search on internet.

dont listen to them...he probably does have email...i have bill kaulitz email...but im not gonna give it away
ur a beeping beep

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk if you realy have msn adress of bill pass me plz
bitch if you have bill kaulitzs email,then i am the queen of england.

Google Search also contributes even further