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Who is Unilever, and when?

Unilever on January 1, 1930. The u0022founding fathersu0022 (founding) of Unilever were Anton Jurgens, Simon van den Bergh and William Hesketh Lever.Anton Jurgens and Simon van den Bergh were two Dutch margarineproducenten competitive. They decided in 1927 to pool their forces together and to go into the Margarine Unie.William Hesketh Lever was a wholesaler in živil and brought ao Sunlight soap on the market. In 1885, he founded Lever Brothers, and he drew zeepfabrieken across the world. In 1917 he began his range to be extended to food, which he fish, ice, and conservenbedrijven kocht.Het Dutch margarinebedrijf Margarine Union and the British zeepfabrikant Lever Brothers decided in 1930 to merge. Unilever was born. The merger was worthwhile, because both companies are beconcurreerden for the same raw materials, the two were often involved in large-scale marketing of products for domestic use and both made use of similar distribution channels.

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