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Whou0027s St maarten

Sint Maarten was a bishop who lived in the fourth century. He is especially known for the story which is told that he afgaf half of his cloak to a beggar. The feast of St. Maarten will be celebrated on November 11.
Maarten or Martinus was born in Hungary in the fourth century after Christ. As a soldier in the Roman army, he ended up in France. According to his biographer Sulpicius Severus was at the gateway to the city of Amiens to the famous meeting with the beggar. Martinus saw the naked beggar, cut his cloak in half and gave one part to the verkleumde man. Later, the beggar in the shape of Christ in his dream. After this dream Martinus said the soldatenleven goodbye and was the founder of many monasteries in France. In 372 he was appointed bishop of Tours in that city, he also died on Nov. 11 397, the current holiday. In Tours are also the tomb of St. Martin.
By kerstening the low countries was also the popularity of St. Martin to the north. The sacred here proved very popular. Many churches were Martinus as their patron saint. One of the most important and oldest of these is the cathedral in Utrecht.

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